Žárově pozinkovaný čtvercová trubka

Žárově pozinkovaný čtvercová trubka

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Hot galvanized square tube Detail:

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Hot galvanized square tube detail pictures

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    Fully-automatic extraction of geometric information of steel coils for automating the load/unload of steel coils between cargo ship and transfer car.

    Measurement objects: Steel sheet in coils on the (hold) floor of a cargo ship.

    Point cloud: ca. 22300 points in a volume of ca. 10m X 10m X 3m.

    Point measuring device: Laser scanner TopCon GLS-1500.

    Extracted geometric information of steel coil: rms of fitting errors,
    radius, width, position, axis direction, and their covariances.

    The video is parted in three:

    1. Semi-automatic extraction of 10 steel coils by manually picking a point.
    For visual effect (The computing power of the used PC is too high for graphic standard), time lags of 30 ms are inserted btw. each segmentation/fitting session (yellow) of an individual coil. The coils on the floor and on the upper layer are well ‘in contact’, proving the correctness of extraction.

    2. Fully automatic extraction of all apparent steel coils (total 67).
    For visual effect, time lags of 10 ms btw. each segmentation/fitting session (yellow)
    and of 150 ms after a successful extraction (red cylinder) are added.

    3. In order to demonstrate the speed of feature extraction,
    the time lags of 10 ms btw. segmentation/fitting sessions are removed.
    Then, the total running time includes 67 X 150 ms time lags for visual effect.

    With an application-specific optimization, the task of extraction of the steel coils on ship hold is terminated in less than 2 seconds!

    Of course, extraction of steel coils on transfer car is much faster and easier (less than 0.5 sec).

    System: Windows 7 HP, Intel i7-3632QM, 2.2GHz, 8GB RAM.

    Mathematical background: Orthogonal Distance Fitting, Differential Geometry, Statistics.

    Reference: S.J. Ahn, “Least Squares Orthogonal Distance Fitting of Curves and Surfaces in Space”, Springer-Verlag, 2005.

    3-D object recognition, point cloud, feature extraction, least squares, Hough, RANSAC, plane, sphere, cylinder, cone, torus, pipe, reducer, elbow, orthogonal distance fitting, segmentation, automation, curvsurf.

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