Quality is the deadline

Quality is the deadline

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Quality is the deadline Detail:

Contact sales@ytdrgg.com

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Quality is the deadline detail pictures

Quality is the deadline detail pictures

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  • website:https://www.reliancemetalresource.com/
    Tianjin Reliance Steel Pipe Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was officially founded in 2004, and is located in Caigongzhuang Industrial Area in Jinghai County, Tianjin, China. We are a joint-stock enterprise, with 3 branch plants.
    Our main products are:
    Welded Pipes, Square & Rectangular Hollow Section Tubes
    Galvanized Steel Welded Pipe and Pre-galvanized Steel Pipes.
    Tel:(86) 189-2030-3008
    Fax:(86) 022-23757190
    Address:Hi-Tech information square, NanKai district of Tianjin.

    Best Drill Bits For Metal, Stainless Steel and Hardened Steel. Having a hard time finding the correct drill bit for the kind of steel you need to drill. You have found the right video to watch. I will explain it all from HSS (high speed steel), Cobalt Drill Bit, Carbide Drill Bit, Massonry Drill Bit, Locksmith Drill Bit.
    The Ultimate Guide To Drill Bits, Cobalt, HSS, Carbide, How to chose the best drill bit for Stainless steel, Hardened steel,
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    This is The Ultimate Guide To Drill Bits. Putting HSS (High Speed Steel), Cobalt, Carbide tipped and solid Carbide drill bits to the test. Yes It’s long but Compared to the Year + it took to gather the information it’s not that bad. So Sit Back and learn or keep wasting your money on junk, trash bits that keep breaking and not drilling through what you want them to.

    RHC – Rockwell Hardness C

    HSS Drill Bits – Work well up to the 50ish RHC
    Drill – Mild steel, Some tool steel, Some Spring Steel
    No Drill – Hard Plate, Anti Drill Plate, 404c Stainless Steel
    Pro – Good in Hand Drills and most drilling applications
    Con – Has limitations in hardened steels

    Cobalt – Works up to 58ish RHC
    Drill – Mild Steel, Some Spring Steel, Some Tool Steel
    No Drill – Hard Plate, Anti Drill Plate, 440C Stainless Steel
    Pro – Good for hand drills and most drilling applications
    Con – Has limits with hardened steel

    Carbide Tipped – Will drill almost any steel, Hard, Stainless or Mild.
    Pro – Drills all steel
    Con- Blunt tip requires extreme pressure to produce cuttings. Drill bit is hard to start on all steels.

    Diamond Coated Drill Bit – Cuts on most steels(Not Hard Plate) just not for long.
    Pro – Will Drill most steels (Not Hard Plate)
    Con – Cutting stops quickly after diamond grit has warn off, Then behaves like HSS bit

    Solid Carbide Drill Bit – Cuts all steels.
    Pro – Sharpened points wont “walk” like carbide tipped bit. Cuts all steel
    Con – Sharp tip and fine edges can chip easily and ruin drill bit. Not for hand drills. Expensive!

    For more information go to www.Tricountylocksmithservice.com
    Drill bits purchased from www.drillbitwarehouse.com Discount Code – lockman1

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