I am not fragile, I am the single champion in the square rectangular steel pipe manufacturing industry

On May 24, 2023, a China Manufacturing Industry Single Champion Enterprise Exchange Conference was held in Jining, Shandong, China. General Manager Liu Kaisong of Tianjin Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group attended and received the award.


Currently, there may still be a slight decline in the demand for steel pipes in the market. Numerous steel pipe enterprises have reduced production, and the weak market has created the current situation.
30 years ago, Tianjin Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. was established, focusing on the rectangular steel pipe products in the segmented field of structural steel pipes, and embarked on a difficult entrepreneurial journey. Today, our company has grown into a manufacturing champion in the rectangular tube industry.

Some customers may ask, what is a national manufacturing single champion? Old customers may not be unfamiliar. Tianjin Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. is a single champion in the rectangular steel pipe manufacturing industry in China. However, to let new friends know about this honor, I will take everyone to understand.
Firstly, it is an honor in the manufacturing industry.

What is a manufacturing single champion?

The single champion in the manufacturing industry refers to an enterprise that has long been focused on certain segmented product markets in the manufacturing industry, with internationally leading production technology or processes, and a market share of single products that ranks among the top globally or domestically. It represents the highest level of development and strongest market strength in the global manufacturing segmented field. Single champion enterprises are the cornerstone of innovative development in the manufacturing industry and an important manifestation of manufacturing competitiveness.

What are the criteria for its recognition?

(1) Basic conditions. Manufacturing single champion includes single champion demonstration enterprises and single champion products. The following conditions must be met:
1. Adhere to professional development. The enterprise has long been focused and deeply rooted in a certain link or product field in the industrial chain. Engaged in relevant fields for 10 years or more, and for new products, should have 3 years or more;
2. Leading global market share. The market share of products applied by enterprises ranks among the top three in the world, and the product categories are generally classified according to the 8-digit or 10-digit code in the "Statistical User Classification Catalog". Those that are difficult to accurately classify should comply with generally recognized industry practices;
3. Strong innovation ability. The enterprise is internationally leading in production technology and processes, attaches great importance to research and development investment, possesses core independent intellectual property rights, and leads or participates in the formulation of technical standards in relevant fields;
4. High quality and efficiency. The product quality applied by the enterprise is excellent, and the key performance indicators are at the leading level of similar international products. Excellent business performance and profitability exceeding the overall level of industry enterprises. Emphasize and implement international business and brand strategy, with good global market prospects, establish a sound brand cultivation system, and achieve good results;
5. Possess independent legal personality and have a sound management system for finance, intellectual property, technical standards, quality assurance, and safety production. In the past three years, there has been no record of environmental, quality, or safety violations. The enterprise has applied for product energy consumption to reach the advanced value of the energy consumption limit standard, and the safety production level has reached the industry's advanced level.
6. Manufacturing enterprises registered in provinces and cities. The headquarters of central enterprises stationed in Tianjin is responsible for organizing recommendation and review work. In the past three years, there has been no record of environmental, quality, or safety violations. The energy consumption of the product has reached the advanced value of the energy consumption limit standard, and the safety production level has reached the industry's advanced level.
7. Selected as the provincial manufacturing single champion.
8. The object of joint punishment for dishonesty and the enterprise with environmental credit red and yellow labels shall not participate in the declaration.
(2) Application category. Enterprises can choose between individual champion demonstration enterprises and individual champion products based on their own conditions to apply. For applying for a single champion demonstration enterprise, the sales revenue of the corresponding products must account for more than 70% of the enterprise's main business income. Applicants for individual champion products can only apply for one product.
(3) Key product areas. In order to deepen the advancement of the industrial foundation and modernization of the industrial chain, accelerate the construction of a strong manufacturing country, priority will be given to recommending enterprises and products in key areas, especially those that complement their weaknesses.
(4) Improve the gradient cultivation system. Support local and central enterprises to establish a reserve database for individual champions, include potential enterprises in the scope of cultivation work, and establish a sound gradient cultivation system. Support the growth of specialized, refined, and innovative "Little Giant" enterprises into individual champions. Enterprises with an annual marketing revenue of less than 400 million yuan, if applying for a single champion, should be selected as specialized, refined, and new "little giants" enterprises.

Why is Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Manufacturing Group a single champion enterprise in the square tube industry?

Tianjin Yuantai Derun steel pipe Group (YUTANTAI) was founded in 2002. It is located in the largest steel pipe industrial base Tianjin Daqiuzhuang Industrial Zone in China. YUTANTAI is one of the top 500 private enterprises in China and one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China. It is a 5A level unit for operation and management, and a 3A level unit with the highest credit. The group has passed ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, 0HSAS18001 certification, EU CE10219/10210 certification, BV certification, JIS certification, DNV certification, ABS certification, LEED certification.

YUTANTAI is a large joint enterprise group that mainly producing structure hollow section and steel profiles, with a total registered capital of US $90 million, a total area of 200 hectares, and more than 2000 employees, total 20 wholly-owned subsidiaries. YUANTAI Group is the leader of Chinese hollow section industry.

YUTANTAI Group has 51 black high-frequency welded steel pipe production lines, 10 hot-dip galvanized steel pipe production lines, 10 pre-galvanized steel pipe production lines, 3 spiral welded pipe production lines, and 1 JCOE production line. Square pipe size range is 10x10x0.5mm~1000x1000X60mm, Rectangular size range is 10x15x0.5mm~800x1200x60mm and Circular pipe size range is 10.3mm~2032mm. Wall thickness range is from 0.5~80mm. It has more than 100 technical patents of steel hollow section. Production type includes ERW, HFW, LSAW, SSAW, SEAMLESS, Hot rolling, Cold drawing, Hot finishing etc. Raw materials mostly come from state-owed steel factories such as HBIS, SHOUGANG GROUP, BAOSTEEL, TPCO, HENGYANG etc.

YUTANTAI Group has annual production capacity of 5 million tons and a saturated annual production capacity of 10 million tons. Products are widely used in prefabricated steel structure residential buildings, glass curtain wall engineering, steel structure engineering, large venues, airport construction, high-speed roads, decorative guardrails, tower crane manufacturing, photovoltaic projects, greenhouse agricultural shantytowns, bridge manufacturing, shipbuilding and so on. YUANTAI products were used in many national key projects such as the National Stadium, the National Grand Theater, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Dubai Expo 2020, Qatar World Cup 2022, Mumbai New Airport, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Egypt Agricultural Green House and so on. YUANTAI had establish good relationship with many EPC companies such as China Minmetals, China Construction Engineering, China Railway Construction, China National Machinery, Hangxiao Steel Structure, EVERSENDAI, CLEVLAND BRIDGE,AL HANI,LIMAK and so on.

YUTANTAI Group continues to extend the industrial chain, expand industrial clusters, form scale advantages, and carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation on the high-quality transformation and upgrading of the hollow section industry, so as to make unremitting efforts for the green future of the steel industry.


Post time: May-25-2023