steel spiral ground pile manufacturer yuantaiderun(can oem obm odm)

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1. 100% after-sales quality and quantity assurance.
2. Professional sales manager quickly reply within 24 hours.
3. Large Stock for regular sizes.
4. Free sample 20cm high quality.
5. Strong produce capability and capital flow.

  • Warranty: 3years, 10 Years
  • Anti-Corrosive: Hot-dip galvanized
  • Delivery time: 20days
  • Material: Q235B
  • Certification: CE
  • Installation Site: all type of soil
  • Payment: TT/LC
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    steel spiral ground pile manufacturer yuantaiderun(can oem obm odm)

    How much do you know about steel spiral ground piles?

    The screw ground pile is a screw drill ground pile, which is characterized in that it comprises a drill bit and a drill pipe, and the drill bit or drill pipe is connected with the power source input joint; After the pile is driven underground, it will not be taken out and will be directly used as a pile
    The bits described above include the bottom auger bit
    1、 Middle steel pipe
    2、 Upper connecting pipe
    3、 The drill pipe comprises an upper connecting pipe
    4、 Middle steel rod
    5、 Lower coupling shaft
    6、 After being driven underground, the pile here is no longer taken out, but directly used as a pile.

    On the basis of "end bearing pile" structure and "friction pile" structure in the construction process, it is more widely used in the construction of a variety of ground piles, ground anchors and randomly constructed ground piles.
    Processing technology of spiral ground pile
    Generally, qualified ground piles can be produced through cutting, deformation, welding, pickling, hot plating and other technological processes. Pickling and hot galvanizing are important anti-corrosion treatment processes, which directly affect the service life of spiral ground piles.
    The processing level of the ground pile directly determines the service life of the metal ground pile, such as the quality of the selected welded pipe, the quality level of welding, whether there are sand holes, false welding and the width of welding, which all affect the future service life of the ground pile and the quality of subsequent processing. Pickling is an important basic anti-corrosion process, and the quality of hot plating, such as the time of hot plating and the quality of surface treatment, All affect the quality of ground pile anti-corrosion treatment. Generally, the spiral ground pile can be used for 40-80 years. The environment and use method of the use process also affect the service life of the ground pile, such as the acid-base degree of the soil, whether the operation process is proper, and improper use will lead to the destruction of the surface of the metal ground pile, the destruction of the metal protective layer, the acceleration of the corrosion of the metal ground pile and the reduction of the service life.

    Application knowledge of spiral ground pile

    Spiral ground pile is generally used to strengthen tents in sandy land and prevent tents from being blown away by the wind. At the same time, the ground holding capacity of spiral ground pile is better than that of general inclined ground pile in sandy soft soil

    项次name 描述describe 直径diameter(mm) 长度length(mm) 材料Material 图片picture
    1 不带法兰盘螺旋桩76*1200(焊接3颗螺母)Screw pile without flange 76 * 1200 (welding 3 nuts) 76 1200 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Screw pile without flange 76-1200 (welding 3 nuts)-1
    2 带法兰盘加高桩60*600(圆形孔)Heightening pile with flange 60 * 600 (circular hole) 60 600 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Heightening pile with flange 60-600 (circular hole)-2
    3 带法兰盘加高桩60*600(梅花孔)Heightening pile with flange 60 * 600 (plum blossom hole) 60 600 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Heightening pile with flange 60 - 600 (plum blossom hole)
    4 带法兰盘加高桩60*600(4条孔)Heightening pile with flange 60 * 600 (4 holes) 60 600 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Heightening pile with flange 60-600 (4 holes)-4
    5 带法兰盘螺旋桩76*1200~3000(圆形孔)Spiral pile with flange 76 * 1200 ~ 3000 (circular hole) 76 1200~3000 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Spiral pile with flange 76-1200 ~ 3000 (circular hole)-5
    6 带法兰盘螺旋桩76*1200~3000(梅花孔)Spiral pile with flange 76 * 1200 ~ 3000 (plum blossom hole) 76 1200~3000 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Spiral pile with flange 76-1200 ~ 3000 (plum blossom hole)-6
    7 带法兰盘螺旋桩76*1200~3000(4条孔)Spiral pile with flange 76 * 1200 ~ 3000 (4 holes) 76 1200~3000 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Spiral pile with flange 76 - 1200 ~ 3000 (4 holes)-7
    8 带法兰盘螺旋桩89*1200~3000(圆形孔)Spiral pile with flange 89 * 1200 ~ 3000 (circular hole) 89 1200~3000 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Spiral pile with flange 89-1200 ~ 3000 (circular hole)-8
    9 带法兰盘螺旋桩89*1200~3000(梅花孔)Spiral pile with flange 89 * 1200 ~ 3000 (plum blossom hole) 89 1200~3000 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Spiral pile with flange 89-1200 ~ 3000 (plum blossom hole)-9
    10 带法兰盘螺旋桩89*1200~3000(4条孔)Spiral pile with flange 89 * 1200 ~ 3000 (4 holes) 89 1200~3000 Q235 hot dip galvanized  Spiral pile with flange 89 - 1200 ~ 3000 (4 holes)-10

    Our customers and market distribution

    Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other regions of the customer have cooperation

    Who we are?

    China's largest square tube manufacturing enterprises,China's top 500 manufacturing companies,The annual production capacity reaches 5 million tons.There are 2,000 employees


    What do we do?

    Square tube, galvanized square tube, spiral welded tube, double-sided submerged arc welded tube, hot rolled strip.Committed to providing excellent products and services for steel pipe users.


    How to order?

    Commissioner will quote according to your use specifications, and then you are satisfied with the price and quality of the intention to pay in advance, and then we begin to schedule production, product qualified after inspection, packing, balance, receive.

    Why choose YuantaiDerun?

    1. We have European standard, American standard, Japanese standard and other full series of product certification, from raw materials to finished products through 219 to test procedures, neither let a unqualified steel pipe into the market, excellent quality, won the market praise.

    2. Preferential price, because it is factory direct sales, we will sell to you with the thinnest profit, to achieve high quality and low price products

    3. Strong supply capacity and production capacity, annual output of more than 5 million tons, no matter how much your demand, guarantee the delivery time

    4. More than 20 years of manufacturing experience and cooperation experience in major projects all over the world, give your order double insurance

    Delivery guarantee
    Price favorable
    Good reputation


    Tianjin YuantaiDerun group, founded in 2002, since its founding has been insist to do steel tube of the rectangular tube structure, since so many years, our party rectangular tubes from small furniture, use the door window, slowly do engineering machinery, equipment manufacturing, the main framework, up to now we developing the steel structure building, especially in recent years, pushing the prefabricated steel structure residential building,In the whole steel structure system, there are more applications for this industry to open a new market space.Then we launched in 2018 established the torque tube industry development and cooperation innovation alliance, behind we also invited by tianjin capital, Beijing university of architecture and so on some of the colleges and universities, and some scientific research institutions, together to come in to the platform and make the industry chain, to do the production, study and research, with a joint, from two aspects of the standardization and intelligent manufacturing,Bring something new to the industry


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  • The company attaches great importance to the quality of products, invests heavily in the introduction of advanced equipment and professionals, and goes all out to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.
    The content can be roughly divided into: chemical composition, yield strength, tensile strength, impact property, etc
    At the same time, the company can also carry out on-line flaw detection and annealing and other heat treatment processes according to customer needs.



    Tianjin YuantaiDerun Steel Tube Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. is a steel pipe factory certified by EN/ASTM/ JIS specializing in the production and export of all kinds of square rectangular pipe, galvanized pipe, ERW welded pipe, spiral pipe, submerged arc welded pipe, straight seam pipe, seamless pipe, color coated steel coil, galvanized steel coil and other steel products.With convenient transportation, it is 190 kilometers away from Beijing Capital International Airport and 80 kilometers away from Tianjin Xingang.


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